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Pearl Jewelry for Mother's Day

A perfect set of pearls can be an enchanting gift for your mother. Symbolizing purity and love, they are also reputed to capture the heart of those sensitive to beauty. Many people believe that if pearls are worn close to the skin, they pass on healing powers to the body. The different colors and styles of pearls suit all women—from the chicest to the most conservative.

Pearl Strands
Strands of beautiful pearls are an all time favorite. If your mother already has a set of those, then you can buy her another set in a different color. Look at the lovely Tahitians or South Sea pearl necklace for more great gift ideas, You can choose from different lengths to fit close to the neck. However, the safest length is 17-19 inches or the princess style that goes with most dresses.

Pearl Earrings
Pearl stud earrings are classic, always in fashion. Select from styles that are studded in platinum or gold or styles that come with a combination of other precious or semi-precious stones. You can also choose pearl earrings where a single huge lustrous pearl is highlighted. Our beautiful pearl earring set with three diamonds was named a “top pick” by Lloyd Boston, a leading fashion stylist, and would make a wonderful Mother’s Day present.

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More Pearl gifts
Besides the regular pearl jewelry, there are a range of items you can buy in pearls for your mother. You can opt for elegant pearl bracelets or stunning pearl pendants.

Whatever gift you finally choose for your mother, remember to choose it carefully. Buy from the right vendor who will give you genuine pearls and will not charge you exorbitant rates. Take your piece from a vendor who offers certificate of quality and gives a money back guarantee. You can compare rates at different stores and take the advice of trusted stores before making a purchase. Opt for good quality pearls.

How Do the Exotic Pearls Look on the Wearer? And What Factors Should I Consider When Selecting Them?
Buying the more exotic pearls is a bit like buying a Chanel bag or a Hermes scarf. They are the elite, the Rolls Royces of pearls.

Golden South Sea pearls look stunning against black colors, making them a wonderful choice for evening. They look almost like enormous gold balls with perfect, shiny surfaces. They appear exotic, opulent. Popular choices for this pearl include the South Sea pendants and earrings.

Tahitian pearls are available in blacks with greenish overtones or in the beautiful multicolors with overtones of lilacs, roses, chocolates, and other shades. Like the South Seas, these pearls are shocking in their beauty. We sell Tahitians in both the baroque (tear-drop) shapes and in the round shapes. Although the round shapes are more valuable, the baroques are stunning, too, and ours have been featured in fashion magazines. Look carefully at the enlarged photos of these necklaces and bracelets to get an idea of the colors. Be forewarned, though: Both the South Seas and the Tahitians are 100 times more beautiful when worn.

Settings and Special Considerations for Gift Buyers
Nearly all types of pearls—South Seas, Tahitians, Akoyas, and freshwaters—are suitable for all women but some settings are better than others. For instance, a stud earring inlaid with diamonds or sapphires is almost always a good choice, as are Tahitian, Akoya, and South Sea pearl necklaces and bracelets.

When buying pendants or earrings, though, a straighter drop on an earring or pendant, which might look plain in a photo, will often look beautiful and classic when worn. Pearls with extremely ornate settings are often only suited for the most formal occasions.