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Choosing Pearl Necklace Color

Which Pearl Necklace Color Suits Me Best?

Colors of pearl necklaces range from white, white-rose, pink, cream, yellow, golden, black, silver, and gray. A buyer's color choice should be based primarily on her flesh tone and on the colors she likes to wear.

Choose the color that is most flattering to your skin tone.

The most popular colors are white and pink-rose because these shades flatter the widest range of skin tones.

Fair Skin: Pearls with warm colors such as white/pink, golden, and deep cream flatter fair skin, as do pearls in dark colors such as black, gray and peacock.

Darker Skin: Light colored pearls such as white, light cream, peach, pink, light blue and silver flatter darker skins. These colors can highlight the skin tone.

Examine pearl necklaces against your neck and face to see if the color suits your skin, eye and hair coloring. If white pearls make you look too pale, try a warmer shade such as a cream or pink.

An Easy Test: Try on white or pink or cream clothing and then put on your pearls. The color that suits this clothing best is the one that is the best for you.

Do you have a Favorite Color? If you normally wear a certain color, you might want to select pearls that flatter this color. In the case of black, gold South Seas are an excellent choice, as are silver-toned Tahitians or Akoyas.

In general, white pearls look great with black or dark clothing and colored pearls look great with white clothing.