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How to Choose Pearl Earrings

Pearl earrings are important jewelry items because they can reflect light and color onto your face.

For classic pearl earrings, choose Akoya pearls. For large, exotic and luxurious pearl earrings, choose black Tahitian pearls or South Sea pearls. For inexpensive pearl earrings, choose freshwater pearls. Freshwater pearl earrings can be round or off round.

Like any other jewelry, pearl earrings represent your personal statement of style.

Pearl stud earrings are a classic jewel that can be worn on all occasions. They are perfect with classic suit, dress and casual jeans. If you are buying pearls as a gift item, these are often a good, safe choice. If you want a present that looks a bit more opulent, choose a gold South Sea or Tahitian stud that is set with precious stones.

Pearl dangling earrings tend to work well for evenings. They also complement short necks and work well with oval, round, or heart shaped faces. The length of pearl earrings creates a subliminal image of a longer face. Long dangling pearl earrings are especially flattering to tall women and women with long hair. If you are buying for a gift, a straight drop is always a good choice. (Please see the photo of the gold South Seas above.) Again, Tahitian and South Sea earrings are a wonderful choice.

Pearl earrings with white gold settings are more popular than yellow gold settings. When choosing pearl earrings, look for pearls that are lustrous, round and clean. If pearl earrings
are set with diamonds, look for diamonds with sparkle and brilliance.