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Pearl Necklace Length

Classic pearl necklace length is 17"-19". However, other necklace lengths are gaining popularity.

There are six lengths for pearl necklaces: collar, choker, princess, matinee, opera and rope. They are worn in different occasions and with different types of clothes.

Collar pearl necklaces are 12 - 13 inches long are great for casual or evening wear. Multi-strands of collar necklaces achieve a very fashionable and eye-catching look. Collar length compliments boat neck, V-neck, or off-the-shoulder fashions.

Choker pearl necklaces are 14 - 16 inches and they are commonly worn from casual to formal wear. Choker length complements almost any necklines. Grace Kelly frequently wore the collar and choker pearl necklaces, often choosing three strand necklaces.

Princess pearl necklaces are 17 - 19 inches long and are the most popular. They can be worn at work or events. Princess length is the classic length for pearl necklaces. If you are not certain which necklace length to choose for you or another, princess length is the ideal choice.

Matinee pearl necklaces are 20 - 24 inches long and are ideal for casual, business wear or fancier wear such as evening dress. The extra length adds sophistication to a professional look. It is an ideal choice for high necklines.

Opera pearl necklaces are 28 - 34 inches and they are ideal for formal events or special occasions. They can be worn as a single strand or double strand. Opera length is very versatile and one of Coco Chanel’s favorites. A perfect length for high or crew necklines.

Rope pearl necklaces are over 45 inches and are extremely elegant. A rope necklace can be worn as a double strands or triple strands. You can wear a rope pearl necklace and show the long necklace on your back on big V back opening dress. It is a new fashion style that is often seen on fashion magazines.

Layering Pearl Necklaces. Pearl necklaces look fabulous in layers—the more the better. (Think of the ultra-chic Coco Chanel who often wore six or seven necklaces at a time.) To layer them, pick a choker or princess length necklace and layer it with one of the longer necklaces. Another alternative for formal occasions is to wear a multi-strand necklace.