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How to Choose a Pearl Necklace?

Timeless and classic, a pearl necklace never goes out of style, making it a very safe gift. A woman will always be thrilled to revieve a pearl necklace as her first pearl jewelry gift. Pearls match with most any attire, from evening wear to business professional. Anything a woman owns can gain in elegance and prestige from the right necklace.
Choosing Pearl Necklace Length
Classic pearl necklace length is 17"-19". However, other necklace lengths are gaining popularity.

Choker length: 14 - 16 inches. Commonly worn for casual and formal wear.

Princess length: 17 - 19 inches. The most popular length.

Matinee length: 20 - 24 inches. Ideal for casual, business or fancier wear.

Opera length: 28 - 34 inches. Ideal for formal events or special occasions.
Choosing Pearl Necklace Size
The classic size for a pearl necklace is 6-8mm, and is appropriate for most any occasion. Larger sized pearls, such as 10mm, should be reserved for special events as they create a more dramatic look.
Choosing Pearl Necklace Color

The common colors of a pearl necklace are white, white rose, pink, cream, golden, and black. The important thing to remember is to choose the pearl color that is most flattering to ones skin tone.

The most popular colors are white and white rose, as these shades flatter the widest range of skin tones. Dark pearls create a unique look, and are an ideal gift if she already owns a white pearl necklace. Golden pearls look best on darker skin, as they highlight the skin tone and give a lift in life.