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05/10/2007    "You made me feel special!" - Alicia, AL


Thank you for matching a pearl bracelet and earrings to the pearl necklace that I sent you. The pieces are beautiful. I intend to wear them to my wedding in two weeks! I have to admit, however, that I have been wearing them all the timeóeven with casual clothes. Iím a new fan of both pearls and your company!
Your customer service department was very knowledgeable and helpful. I learned more about pearls from you than from either the Internet or local jewelers. Furthermore, you made me feel very important despite the fact that I only purchased about $140-150 of merchandise. I felt as though you treated me the same as you would someone who had spent thousands of dollars.
I have already recommended your site to my friends (And Iíve dropped numerous hints to my fiancť). Your customer service department, your pearls, and your prices are phenomenal! Top quality!!

Alicia, AL