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Holiday Gift Guide

With the holidays just around the corner, it’s time once again to begin that most arduous of tasks: shopping for the perfect gift. One thing all women will agree on is that pearls make a welcome addition to any jewelry collection. They are gratefully received by women of all ages and regardless of their particular style or taste. Quality pearl jewelry will last a life-time and beyond, becoming a treasured family heirloom and bringing happiness to many for years to come.
For Your Wife/Girlfriend
This holiday amaze her by bestowing upon her a matching set of pearl jewelry. Perhaps a single strand Akoya pearl necklace, coupled with a matching set of Akoya pearl diamond stud earrings and an Akoya diamond cluster pearl pendant. Any of the items found at Premium Pearl can be combined to create a set perfectly attuned to her individual tastes.
For Your Mom

This year spoil your Mother and splurge for a princess-length necklace, or perhaps a gorgeous pair of South Sea Pearl earrings set with diamonds and yellow 14-18k gold.

The South Sea pearl is the rarest in the world and a work of art—enormous with a mirror-like shine and nearly flawless surface.

Whichever your choice, she will be taken aback by your thoughtfulness.

For Your Grandma

Recognize her with the elegance that she deserves: Give her a classic Tahitian pearl pendant set with diamonds and white 14-18k gold.

With more color variations than any other pearl, Tahitians are exquisite. Like the South Sea , the Tahitian pearl’s surface is mirror-like, with overtones in peacock, pistachio, rose, silver and many other colors.

Choose Tahitian pearls in black green, peacock, or rose shades, as these colors look especially good on a person of age.

For Your Daughter(s)

Whether utilized in a necklace or a bracelet, you can never go wrong with a wonderfully crafted strand of cultured Akoya pearls.

Classically beautiful Akoya pearls tend to be a safe, conservative choice and look fabulous on nearly all women.