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How to Choose Tahitian Pearls?

Tahitian pearls are very large compared to other pearls. Exotic and eye-catching, they are treasured for their rare, natural black body color. They are also known to exhibit extraordinary overtones ranging from green to pink. Symbols of luxury and perfection, Tahitian cultured pearls make a unique gift.
Choosing Color
The natural black color of Tahitian pearls is particularly famous. Common colors are black and gray. Common overtones are peacock, green, blue, and pink. A black Tahitian pearl with green overtones is the most desirable.
Choosing Quality
Perfectly round Tahitian pearls with nearly flawless surface and remarkable luster are considered the highest quality. The Tahiti government has enacted a strict rule on Tahitian pearl quality and export control; all Tahitian pearls exported must meet the requirement of minimum 0.8mm nacre thickness.
Tahitian Pearl Grading
Choosing Size
Common sizes for Tahitian pearls are 9 to 12mm. Pearls in the 9 to 11mm range are a perfect gift for a petite woman. Pearls in the 11 to 12mm range are an impressive size that creates a bold statement.