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How to Choose South Sea Pearls

South Sea Pearls are grown in large Silver-lipped or golden-lipped oysters. Due to their impressive size and shining white or natural golden color they are extraordinarily rare. They also are exceptionally smooth and round. The larger size of a South Sea pearl creates a dramatic look.

When you want an amazing gift that makes a statement, choose South Sea pearls set with brilliant, high-quality diamonds.

Choosing Color
Golden South Sea pearls have a very rich, distinctive look that flatters many skin tones. The natural golden color is considered to be the rarest of all pearls. It adds a unique and elegant touch to any outfit. Golden South Sea pearls look especially good on people with darker skin tones. White South Sea pearls are of a luminous, snowy or silvery color. These are very famous due to the fact that they are the only white pearls available in large sizes(over 11mm), while still in possession of high quality and roundness. They are used to create a noble look.
Choosing Quality
Perfectly round South Sea pearls with a nearly flawless surface and remarkable luster are considered the highest quality.
South Sea Pearl Grading
Choosing Size
Common sizes for South Sea pearls are 9 to 12mm. Pearls in the 9 to 11mm range are a perfect gift for a petite woman. Pearls in the 11 to 12mm range are an impressive size that creates a bold statement.