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South Sea Pearls Guide

One of the most beautiful pearls, they are cherished for their pearl luster and beauty. Cultivated in the large white-lipped, silver-lipped or golden-lipped variety of the pinctada maxima oyster, these are the rarest and largest pearls in the world.

South Sea Pearls - The Ultimate Pearl Present

These pearls are huge, beautiful, exceptional in quality and therefore command a slightly higher price than other pearls. . With their luminous cream, gold, and white, hues, they are perhaps the loveliest of all pearls. Tending to be exceptionally large, these gems have mirror-like, flawless surfaces. The rarest of all pearls, the golden South Sea is especially stunning and chic.

The Colors of South Sea Pearls

Cultured south sea pearls come in an array of shades that include whitish, almost silver color, or white with silver overtones. While the commonly available colors are white, silver, cream and golden, these pearls can also come in shades of yellow or blue-gray with pink or green overtones. However selective customers may like to know that among all colors, the natural golden shade of South Sea pearls considered the rarest and most valuable.

South Sea Pearls' Size

As the oyster that produces South Sea pearls is much larger than oysters that produce Akoya pearls and Freshwater pearls, the pearl produced is of a larger size, too. Their sizes ranges from 10mm to 15mm or at times up to 20mm too. These South Sea pearls are thus much larger than average pearls, a factor that makes them highly prized.

South Sea Pearls, the "Noble Pearls"

Due to their unparalleled quality, South Sea pearls have been termed “noble pearls” and called “the queen of all cultured pearls.” An oyster takes roughly three years to produce a pearl. The end product is huge with thicker nacre, smoother and of rounder shape than an average pearl’s. Their quality is also revealed by the thick, nacreous coating of the pearl.

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Costs of South Sea Pearls

The South Sea oyster itself is also rare and sensitive, thriving only in warm, deep, unpolluted waters. Since it takes so long for each pearl to produce an oyster and because of their rarity, South Sea pearls tend to be more expensive than other cultured pearls.

Origin of South Sea Pearls

Primarily cultivated in, the waters of North Australia, the Philippines and Indonesia, South Sea pearls are cultivated for nearly three years, the thick nacre accumulating layer by layer. Buyers must be careful not to mistake these South Sea pearls with Black South sea pearls that are found from the waters of Tahiti and French Polynesia. The distinction between the two types of pearls lies in the oyster they are cultivated in. Read about Pearl Cultivation.

South sea pearls are considered the queen of all cultured pearls today because of their beauty and rarity. If you are seeking pearls that are extraordinary, chic, and exotic, South Sea pearls are the best bet.

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