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How to Choose a Pearl Pendant

A pearl pendent is a great affordable alternative to purchasing a full string of pearls. A pendant showcases a single pearl set within diamonds or other precious stones and hung elegantly from a gold chain. It allows the wearer all the luxury and sophistication of pearls at a fraction of the cost of a full necklace.
Akoya, Tahitian and South Sea

Akoya: Akoya pearl pendants offer a classic look and are a good choice for everyday wear.

Tahitian: Tahitian pearl pendants offer a more exotic, impressive image.

South Sea: South Sea pearl pendants are more luxurious. Choose a golden South Sea pearl to really stand out in an impressive manor.
Choosing a Chain Length

The thing to remember when choosing the pendant's chain length is the circumference of her neck. A 16 inch chain is the most common length and emphasizes the neckline, while an 18 inch chain rests over the collarbones to create a decadent look.

Choosing Pearl and Diamond Quality

Because a pearl pendant is a showcase of a single pearl, be sure to choose one that is flawless with a very high luster. The setting in the pendant is important as well. For sensational brilliance, choose a pendant set with diamonds graded H-color and SI-clarity. When choosing the gold, keep in mind most women prefer either white or yellow gold; look to her other jewelry to see what she prefers.

Pearl Pendants as Gifts

Pearl pendants can be elegant or casual depending how you wear them. The wide variety of styles available make it a very versatile, unique gift. For example, a pearl pendant set in a heart-shaped design is perfect for valentine's day. The heart shape is a subtle way to say "I love you" the way no other necklace can.