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Pearl Jewelry Buying Guide

Whether you're interested in freshwater pearls, Akoya pearls, South Sea pearls or Tahitian pearls, there has never been a better time to add interesting elegance to your jewelry collection.

The Evolution of Pearl Jewelry Introduces New Styles

Wearing pearls extends far beyond the typical pearl necklaces or pearl earrings of yesteryear. Pearl jewelry has evolved to include some impressive and artistic designs that are quite breathtaking, elegant and unique. Today, pearl earrings come with added elegance through the addition of diamonds, rubies or sapphires. The contrast of the added color really brings out the softness in the pearl and provides added elegance for a variety of special occasions.

Hopeless romantics will fall in love with heart-shaped pearls - ideal for Valentine's Day, celebrating a wedding anniversary, or as a gift to a bride-to-be. The uniquely shaped pearl is something to cherish forever. Black pearl necklaces add some mystery to a classic look. Both pearl necklaces and pearl earrings are widely available in a sharp-looking two-tone white and yellow gold setting.

But pearls don't need to be restricted a bracelet or necklace. A vertically stacked pearl design always stands out in a dangling pearl earring setting. While still simple in design, the back-and-forth movement of the earring is hard to miss and easy to admire. Coupled with the perfect 'little black dress', you better get used to all the extra attention.

For a look that's more exotic than freshwater pearls provide, gorgeous South Sea or Tahitian pearls take top prize. They're available in white, golden and multicolor forms and they look great as pearl necklaces, pearl earrings, and pearl pendants. And you don't have to stick to just one type of pearl. Consider altering the type of pearl along a necklace for an interesting look that offers elegant variety.

You can even find freshwater pearls that resemble South Sea or Tahitian pearls while maintaining the lower cost of freshwater pearls. For added luxury, choose to set your pearl in a necklace or bracelet with gold links. The beauty of the pearls coupled with the shine of the gold will make it a piece worth treasuring.

Pearls are even finding their way onto the necklines of men. A black Tahitian pearl attached to a leather chain really looks sharp and is the perfect accessory as part of both casual and elegant attire.

And of course, even with all the choices available to make your pearl necklace, pearl bracelet or pearl earring even more interesting, you can't beat the timelessness of a single pearl or several pearls on a gold chain.

Pearl Necklaces Offer Unexpected Variety

A pearl necklace is one multifunctional piece of jewelry. Worn around your neck, it offers a classic look that remains unrivaled. Perfect as bridal jewelry or for any occasion, the pearl necklace remains an important part of a woman's jewelry collection. But its role as jewelry doesn't end at the neckline. Wrap a pearl necklace around your wrist several times and you can instantly create a beautiful multi-strand bracelet without needing to invest in a standalone pearl bracelet. The ability to convert from a pearl necklace into an elegant pearl bracelet makes a simple pearl necklace an extremely valuable part of your jewelry box.

Style Options Are Unlimited With The Right Pearl Expert

When it comes to choosing the perfect pearl jewelry, it's important to shop around. While most pearl retailers will offer traditional designs, only the true pearl experts offer these unique designs as well as the option to custom-create a design just for you.

Searching for a company that offers custom pearl designs will help you separate those who are truly knowledgeable about pearls from those who are simply out to make a profit. Pearl retailers might offer fair deals, but they might not know a whole lot about what they're selling.

Your best bet is to find a retailer - locally or online - that offers a money back guarantee as well as the option to create a unique design. Only then will you remain confident that you're dealing with someone who truly cares about selling you the perfect pearl and offering you a design that you'll fall in love with.