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Pearl Jewelry Gifts

Pearls are one of the most beautiful gems on earth. They are fashionable, classic and chic.

Pearls make an ideal present. The variety in pearl jewelry-from the opulence of a South Sea to a classic Akoya pearl necklace-means that there is a style and color selection for everyone.

Consider the Recipient

Akoya pearls tend to be a safe, conservative present and look well on nearly all women. Some of the more exotic pearls include the gold South Sea and Tahitian pearls. The rarest pearl in the world, the South Sea is a work of art— an enormous pearl with a mirror-like shine and nearly flawless surface. Another breathtaking pearl is the Tahitian. With more color variations than any other pearl, these pearls are exquisite. Like the South Sea, the Tahitian pearl surface is mirror-like with overtones in peacock, pistachio, rose, silver, and many other colors.

How Do the Exotic Pearls Look on the Wearer? And What Factors Should I Consider When Selecting Them?

Golden South Sea pearls look stunning against black colors, making them a wonderful choice for evening. They look almost like enormous gold balls with perfect, shiny surfaces. They appear exotic, opulent. Popular choices for this pearl include the South Sea pearl pendants and earrings.

Tahitian pearls are available in blacks with greenish overtones or in the beautiful multicolors with overtones of lilacs, roses, chocolates, and other shades. Like the South Seas, these pearls are shocking in their beauty. We sell Tahitians in both the baroque (tear-drop) shapes and in the round shapes. Although the round shapes are more valuable, the baroques are stunning, too. Be forewarned, though: Both the South Seas and the Tahitians are 100 times more beautiful when worn.

Settings and Special Considerations for Gift Buyers

Nearly all types of pearls—South Seas, Tahitians, Akoyas, and freshwaters—are suitable for all women but some settings are better than others. For instance, a stud earring inlaid with diamonds or sapphires is almost always a good choice, as are Tahitian, Akoya, and South Sea pearl necklaces and bracelets.

When buying pendants or earrings, though, a straighter drop on an earring or pendant, which might look plain in a photo, will often look beautiful and classic when worn. Pearls with extremely ornate settings are often only suited for the most formal occasions.

Cultured Pearl Jewelry Is Perfect for:

Valentine's Day
Mother's Day
June Pearl Birthstone Month
Sweet Sixteen
Business Promotions

Suggested Pearl Jewelry:

Akoya pearl necklaces
Stud pearl earrings
Tahitian or South Sea pearl pendants
Pearl jewelry sets with combinations of Akoya and Tahitian pearls