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Hanadama Pearls

The word “Hanadama” refers to the finest Akoya cultured pearls in the world. In Japan they are also known as "flower pearls". They possess an extremely high luster, thick nacre, and flawless surface. They are certified and graded by the Pearl Science Laboratory of Japan.

Pearl luster

Hanadama pearls are of an extremely high luster, one that exceeds even that of AAA quality pearls. This is due to their superiorly thick nacre (over 1mm), often the highest that an oyster can produce.

Pearls that last more than a lifetime

Hanadama pearls frequently outlast the life of their wearer, making them a treasured gift to be passed down throughout many generations. Their longevity comes again from their thick nacre and flawless surface. The thicker nacre also causes their weight to be more than that of "normal" pearls.


While Hanadamas are extremely grand, they are also very rare. Their production and supply is very limited, as only 1 in every 500 AAA pearls qualifies as a Hanadama. Many stores, both online and conventional, boast that they carry Hanadama Pearls. While some truly do, it is in your best interest to research various sellers, as many dupe their customers into buying AAA quality pearls for the price of Hanadamas. Shop from a trusted name or source if you can, and make sure to do your research.


Pearls undergo testing before being classified into any category. Collectively known as Teri-Value Analysis, these tests include magnification, inner inspection by optic fiber, spectro photometric reflectance and soft x-ray analysis. The highest quality among pearls is thus determined through these tests. Hanadama pearls come with individual certificates that detail information about the results of these tests. Experts also delve into other details such as ideal matching, color and harmony.

Hanadama pearls are not cheap

Because of their rarity, Hanadama pearls are often quite expensive. Remember, only a few Hanadama pearls are produced each harvest, making their price almost double that of any AAA quality pearls.

Whichever pearls you choose to buy, opt for a strand that is truly beautiful. Many times a strand of small pearls can capture the imagination just as well as a larger variety. Look for the strand to be made with flawless pearls that exhibit a bright luster, are flawless and of a heavy weight. Compare rates and shop from a store with a good reputation and a trusted name in the market.

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