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How to Choose Freshwater Pearls

Stunningly beautiful and wonderfully affordable, Freshwater pearls make an excellent gift. Unlike many rice-shaped Freshwater pearls, ours are mostly round and look very similar to Akoya pearls. The only difference is that Freshwater pearls are less symmetrical in general than Akoyas.

Freshwater cultured Pearls are grown in fresh waters, as their name might suggest. They have many shapes: round, nearly-round and off-round. Freshwater pearls are the most affordable, offering the alternative choice of bigger pearls at a lower cost. They come in many colors such as white, pink, peach, peacock, and black. Presenting a very fashionable look, a freshwater pearl necklace is a perfect gift for a graduation or sweet 16.

Choosing Quality

Round or near-round Freshwater pearls with a nearly flawless surface and remarkable luster are considered the highest quality.

Choosing Size
Common sizes for Freshwater pearls are 5 to 11mm.