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How to Choose Pearl Earrings

Pearl earrings are a near-perfect gift. The wide variety of styles gives one the possibility of choosing a pair that is every bit as unique as the wearer. Earrings also match any outfit, putting to rest any fears of wardrobe clashing. From formal wear to a pair of jeans, the right pair of earrings will remain beautiful in any occasion.

When choosing pearl earrings, it is best to select pearls of a high quality. Pearls in possession of a clean surface and high luster will be the most striking. What the pearls are set in is just as important as the pearls themselves. For bedazzling brilliance, choose earrings set with diamonds graded H-color and SI-clarity.

Studs, Hoops , and Dangling
Studs: Stud pearl earrings are classic and easy to wear. They can be worn on any occasion. They are perfect with a classic suit, dress or casual jeans.
Hoops: Hoop pearl earrings add a distinctly feminine touch with their graceful curves.
Dangling: Dangling pearl earrings move with the wearer and are always eye-catching. They offer a very refined and sophisticated look.
Choosing Pearl Earrings

Akoya pearl earrings are a classic and the most popular. For a more exotic and dramatic look, choose black Tahitian pearl earrings. White or golden South Sea pearl earrings also make a luxurious and impressive gift.

Tahitian or South Sea earrings are perfect for an important occasion. If she dresses in classic or traditional styles, give her a pair of stud earrings. If she tends to be more fashionable, give her Tahitian or South Sea dangling earrings.

Even if she already owns several sets of pearl earrings, she'll love to add a pair with unique designs to her collection. Consider pearl earrings with sparkling sapphires or dangling earrings with diamond curl styles.

Most women prefer either white metal or yellow gold; look to her other jewelry to see what she prefers.