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How to Choose Akoya Pearls?

Akoya pearls are a classic choice that you canít go wrong with. They can be worn for any occasion and are the most popular cultured pearls in the world due to their roundness, beauty and appealing high luster. No other type of pearls can match their luminous luster.
Choosing Akoya Pearls
There are several factors that determine the quality and value of a pearl: luster, nacre thickness, surface texture, color, shape, size and matching. A combination of these characteristics decides the overall quality and value of the pearl. A high quality Akoya pearl possesses a high luster and a flawless surface. The most common color for Akoyas is white with silver or pink overtones. White with silver suites darker skin best, while white with pink flatters the widest variety of skin tones
Why Buy Japanese Akoya Pearls

Japanese Akoya pearls tend to be of a higher quality than Chinese Akoyas. Quality Japanese pearls can be so lustrous that they radiate a crystal-like effect from their surface. Their nacre tends to be thicker, so they last longer. Japanese akoyas cost more than Chinese Akoyas, but are well worth the investment. The majority of Akoya pearls sold at premiumpearl.com are genuine Japanese Akoya pearls.